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Lancaster Auto Accident Lawyer

Expert Personal Injury Lawyer for Pennsylvania Auto Accidents

According to PennDOT’s 2015 Pennsylvania Crash Facts & Statistics, there were 127,127 reportable traffic crashes on Pennsylvania roads that year, resulting in 80,004 injuries and
1,200 deaths. To put these numbers in perspective, over a dozen crashes happen every hour in Pennsylvania, and every day hundreds of people are injured are three people lose their lives in auto accidents on Pennsylvania roads and highways. The most tragic aspect of these alarming statistics is that the vast majority of car crashes are preventable, but they nevertheless occur because people continue to engage in negligent or reckless behavior while driving, rather than paying attention to the traffic and driving with care and respect for the safety of others on the road.

Lancaster auto accident lawyer John P. Stengel represents people throughout southeastern Pennsylvania who have been injured in auto accidents due to the negligence of another. For a no-cost consultation regarding your potential claims, call 717-290-7971.

Negligent Driving Leads to Auto Accidents

According to the PennDOT crash report cited above, auto accidents are almost always due to driver error. The leading causes of Pennsylvania car crashes are:

  • Speeding
  • Drinking and driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Aggressive driving (tailgating)
  • Careless or reckless passing or turning

No driver expects that their driving behavior will lead to an accident, but all drivers should be aware of the dangers of the above behaviors. Obeying traffic laws and driving with care are all it takes to vastly reduce the number of tragedies occurring on our roads.

Recovering Compensation under Pennsylvania Auto Accident Laws

Pennsylvania is a fault-based insurance state when it comes to auto accidents. All Pennsylvania drivers are required to carry liability insurance to pay the damages if they are at fault in an auto accident. The minimum amounts required by law are $15,000 worth of coverage for another person’s medical expenses, up to a total of $30,000 if more than one person is injured in the accident (e.g. driver plus passengers or multi-vehicle accident), plus $5,000 in property damage. Recognizing the potential cost of a serious or deadly auto accident, some drivers opt for coverage many times greater than the required minimum, although many choose only minimal coverage, and some choose to drive unlawfully without any coverage at all.

After an auto accident, attorney John P. Stengel gets to work right away securing evidence from witness accounts, police reports and the accident scene itself. We do not rush to accept a quick settlement from the insurance company, but wait until the full extent of your injuries and legal damages are known. By preparing your case for trial from day one, the insurance company knows we are serious about your case and will not accept less than the appropriate amount of compensation. By maintaining an active litigation practice, Mr. Stengel achieves high-value settlements and is always ready to go to court when necessary.

Get Help from a Board-Certified Lancaster Auto Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in southeastern Pennsylvania, call the expert in personal injury cases. Call Lancaster auto accident lawyer John P. Stengel at 717-290-7971 for a no-cost consultation on your claim. There is no fee unless we recover for you.

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